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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Frank and I have been a ham radio operator since June 1996. My callsign is K3TRM and I hold an Extra class license. My QTH is Manassas, Virginia, approximately 25 miles (41km) southwest of Washington, D.C., in grid square FM18gr. I set up this site to share some of my interests and experiences with the hobby. If we have met on the air, thank you for the QSO and enjoy your visit!

I grew up around ham radio, as my father was very active since he was a teenager. However, I never had much interest until he became a Silent Key in February 1996. Shortly afterwards I learned that I could obtain his callsign through the FCC's Vanity Callsign Program. Initially wanting it for sentimental reasons, I found myself enjoying it more and more after being on the air a few times. Things sort of took off from there.

Ham radio has so many different things to try and do! I am active on all HF bands from 160M through 10M using SSB, RTTY and CW, as well as VHF+ weak signal operating 6M through 70cm. I enjoy DXing, contesting and "paperchasing" awards. I also love being on the other side of the pile-ups from DX locations.

I collect and restore antique radio gear. I am especially interested in vintage telegraph and 6 meter boatanchors. I also have an assortment of microphones and other miscellaneous pieces. Many of the items were originally from my father's collection.

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